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Integrated Clinical Record

To standardize the different professional languages, to improve the quality and completeness of the information available to healthcare professionals in order to ensure greater appropriateness and safety of care. This is the goal of the regional project for the creation of an integrated clinical record, as a unique, inter-professional and interdisciplinary tool that collects all the information related to the patient’s care and assistance path .


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Hospitalization takes place in order to carry out complex diagnoses, interventions or therapies that are not possible at home or in outpatient facilities in the area. It can be ordinary, day hospital-day service, long-term-rehabilitation. 
Whatever type of hospitalization, everyone has the right to have close family, friends or trusted people, consistent with the needs of general hygiene and other patients. In pediatric wards, parents are always allowed to stay with their children


Emergency 24/7

118, the Emergency Room, the Medical Guard: the emergency-urgent network, widespread throughout the country, employs thousands of professionals: doctors, nurses and technicians. It also includes voluntary associations involved with their ambulances in the rescue.

Thanks to the evolution of the technology supplied to the operations centers, today the reception and management of calls is optimized, reducing errors and speeding up the procedures for activating emergency vehicles.

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Bulging Disc

A bulging disc is an injury to the spine. It is commonly known as a slipped disc. This injury is caused to intervertebral discs of the spine, and it will present in the lower back, upper back, mid back, or even the neck. When the injury occurs in the lumbar spine, it impacts the lower back. When pain is generated in the thoracic spine, it affects the middle or upper back. When pain is present in the cervical spine, it impacts the neck.

The spinal discs acts like shock-absorbers. These discs exist in between vertebrae, and the centre of the disc is liquid like and has a hard casing. Any slippage in the disc from its normal position can lead to an imbalance in the fluid causing it to swell on the outer side of the disc. This state is called a bulging disc.

Causes of Bulging Disc

The bulging disc can be caused by various reasons. One reason would be the aging process. With age, the discs becomes weaker. Another reason is a sudden increase in pressure on the disc. This causes the fibres to tear apart. The reasons of a bulging disc can be classified into three broad areas:

1)         Improper posture during walking, sitting, and standing. Incorrect posture can lead to straining of the spine, which leads to weakening of the discs. Over time, this weakening of the discs can cause displacement. Maintaining the right posture to stand, sit, and walk are techniques with which we can avoid this. Also, you need to continuously change your posture. Continuous change of position will keep the spine in motion, and help it to remain healthy.

2)         Sudden pressure in the intervertebral disc can lead to distressing situations. Due to a sudden impact, tremendous force gets exerted on the spine. The body will try to repel the force causing distortion. Correct posture here is a mechanism to avoid this case. We need to have the right posture when lifting heavy objects. We should avoid bending forward to lift the objects. Also, we should avoid taking a load on the back when lifting the heavy objects.

3)         There are cases where this disorder is genetic in nature. People with a lesser density of and increased elastin component of the fibrocartilaginous fibres are more prone to bulging disc. Even cases with access to abdominal fat, poor limb balance, and poor stability of core can lead to this situation. Even occupation has a role to play here. People with heavy physical work and even very light physical work are prone to this. 

Diagnosis of Bulging Disc

Based on the nature of the injury, a physiotherapist will suspect a spinal disc injury. You will need to perform various clinical test to confirm the nature of the injury. If your physiotherapist suspects any nerve compression, then he will direct you to carry out CT and MRI scans. In MRI scans, disc bulges can be identified. X-rays generally do not show accurate bulging. However, X-rays can give an indication of disc narrowing.

Bulging Disc Treatment

Managing inflammation is the first line of treatment for a bulging disc. Pain in a bulging disc can be excruciating. This includes therapy like ice therapy, electrotherapy, use of a back brace, acupuncture, using tape, and massaging techniques. Once the pain is brought under control, the next activity is bulging disc exercises. This includes lower abdominal and core stability programs to stabilise the spine. The next stage is restoring full function. In this, a  physiotherapist will to restore spinal alignment and motion during stressful postures. The final step is the prevention of recurrence. This is mainly done by doing specific exercises recommended by the physiotherapist.

Chiropractors & Care

For many years and even at this point in time, the majority of the people greatly rely or depend on general medicine from treating simple pains to managing common lifestyle diseases. This means that oral medication is still needed to treat a recurring headache or immediate surgery is recommended to eliminate a malignant tumour.

There is nothing wrong with the procedures enumerated because they have become a tradition or a practice since time immemorial. People are now used to it, and it’s challenging to tell them to stop doing so.

However, a new way of treatment comes into the scene, and we refer to it as chiropractic. It’s a painless and convenient procedure of examining the spine and determining the treatment of certain diseases after. The persons responsible for administering these procedures are called chiropractors.

Chiropractors in Bullsbrook have tested and proven the procedure, and they found it beneficial especially to patients who had been through minor accidents. To better understand this procedure and check on its numerous benefits, let us go over some of the following known facts.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the science of treating diseases which is non-surgical and does not require the practice of oral medication.

Are chiropractors considered doctors?

They can be called literally spine doctors. In its strict sense, they don’t hold degrees in medicine, so they aren’t medical doctors. They do have proper training in chiropractic care and are considered as licensed practitioners. Their education could start with an undergraduate degree with majors in the sciences. Their best option is choosing a specialisation to focus on.

How much training do chiropractors have?

It’s an undergraduate degree, but it takes four years to complete the course. Would be chiropractors undergo extensive and rigorous training to be able for them to absorb all the knowledge in understanding the complexities of the human body. Lengthy lectures, clinical practice and on the spot application of theories are strictly followed in order to level with the standards of the profession. The four years spent in school are divided in such a way that chiropractors gain comprehensive knowledge of the human body.

What training do chiropractors have?

Chiropractors would likely finish their course in an accredited chiropractic school. They cannot be conferred an MD or DO degree from a medical school, but they can have a DC (Doctor in Chiropractic) title for their chosen profession. Presently, applicants in a chiropractic school are not required to have a Bachelor’s degree before joining the institution.

Becoming a licensed chiropractor

Chiropractors in Bullsbrook and in many other parts of the world are required at least three years in any undergraduate course and another four years in formally learning the basic and advanced ideas and concepts in an accredited chiropractic school.

Challenges of becoming a chiropractor

The job is not easy after all. Familiarising nerves and veins in the human body and establishing its connection to the vital organs to be able to determine or identify the exact treatment is quite a challenge to chiropractors. The three years spent in the undergraduate stage also requires patience in trying to learn and appreciate the nature of the job. Most importantly, the last four years demand full attention and focus on the different studies involved to be able to fully comprehend and apply the principles in the actual field of work.

Medical Equipment

Why You Should go for Medical Stretchers When Going For Hospital to Home Care Planning?

Hospital to home care planning sounds mysterious or mind boggling, especially if the patient is a young one. The ring that this kind of service goes through the ear is one that is only made for patients that needs extra care after they have been discharged from the hospital. Others will think that this is some sort of caregiver service that the elderly are sent to special homes where they are going to be properly taken care of. However, the hospital to home care service is open to all. It is not only for the elderly, but for anyone that sees the importance of getting proper home care.

The main purpose of the hospital to home care service is that the patient recovers to full health. This is where the use of medical equipment suppliers will come into the picture. It makes it a lot easier to transport the patient from one place to another. Thus, it is incumbent upon the family to make sure that the medical stretchers being used are of quality because you do not want your loved one to suffer out of discomfort.

The reason why such services are being offered is because patients have been reported to have high rates of readmission after being discharge, all due to they did not follow the instructions of their doctor.

It may sound like this plan can make any patient completely recover, but the truth is not every hospital are successful in this endeavour. Many organisations all over the world provide recommendations on how the hospital to home care service may work, there is no utilised system that is universally accepted by the medical world. Added to that, patients that are discharged from the hospital get sicker than the one they had in the past. It makes them even more critical in planning a good hospital to home care after the patient is released.

Various studies have shown that about 40 percent of the patients beyond 65 years of age had errors in their medication after they have left the hospital, while 18 percent of patients with Medicare that were discharged from the hospital got readmitting in the next 30 days. This is not really good for the patient, even for the hospital and even for the agency that finances the patient such as from your own funds, private insurance or Medicare. However, several research show that if the plans are done excellently and that there is good follow-up on the improvement of the patient, the result of this is the reduction of readmissions and also lessening the healthcare costs.

All it needs is simple measures. It doesn’t need to be complicated. One of these measures is by having your telephone number accessible in 24 hours, even during weekends so that you get to have quick access about care information. There are always follow-up appointments to see the physician or the doctor that was in-charge of overseeing the patient’s progress. They must be arranged before the patient leaves for the hospital. Most of the time, the doctor is the one who takes the initiative for this. Doctors will leave prescription medicines and advice for the patient and the ones taking care of him or her so that they will have ideas on what they must do to make sure that the home care plan is proceeding well.

Vegan Lifestyle Supplements

Protein Powder for a Healthy Lifestyle

High-Quality Vegan Protein Dietary Supplement Information

Usually, protein is found in animal sources, such as meat and dairy products. Typically, meat sourced protein is considered the best way to get more protein in a regular diet. Now studies show that once a diet has been changed to vegan foods only, the body is capable of acquiring amino acids to store in the liver for use throughout the day.

Generally, beans and vegetables don’t have enough amino acids, and grains, nuts, and seeds are low in lysine. When trying out a weight loss diet, it is best to eat protein-rich foods, but it may still not provide enough of the necessary amino acids and lysine that a healthy diet requires. In that case, adding protein powder may supply missing elements in one’s diet.

Protein powder is simple to include in a healthy diet. Mainly, there is no special preparation needed. Merely add the protein powder to foods that are already part of your diet. Many people may not like the aftertaste of protein powder. This issue can be overcome by adding different spices or fruits to the powder mixture. Make sure that the diet does not include any added sugars – that defeats the benefits of the vegan diet.

Some of the issues that people have are that the protein powder may be a bit gritty or even taste too earthy. This is why some manufacturers include added sugar. The best way to avoid this is to carefully check the label before purchasing the protein powder.

Plant-based powders are a good source of not just vitamins and minerals, but also contain high amounts of fibre, which raises the value of using protein powder as part of a diet. These are a few examples of what vegan protein powder is made of:

  • Beans
  • Grains and nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Hemp

It is also important to make sure that the foods being eaten are non-GMO products. Keeping calories low while still getting a nutritious meal is paramount to a good diet. Additionally, the myth that a vegan diet causes a “feminizing” side effect to men. This is simply not so. Soy diets are typically the ones that get the blame regarding muscle loss due to a vegan lifestyle. Studies proved that soy protein concentrates were effective ways to gain in muscle health.

Healthy Effects Due to Vegan Foods

  • Weight loss
  • High energy
  • Muscle health
  • Better memory
  • Cancer prevention

Even if a person is not on a vegan diet can also benefit to adding vegan protein powder to their daily meals. This supplements vitamins and minerals are normally coming from an animal-based diet and adds fibre to the diet. Because it’s so easy to make, adding protein powder to any diet is much more attractive to add to a regular diet regimen.

It is also of note that with a vegan diet, some of the regular dietary needs will need to add supplements to make the diet more complete. Just eating vegetables, nuts, and grains will not be enough to keep a diet healthy. Some of the supplements needed may include these:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3
  • Iodine
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

To verify what is covered in the vegan protein powder that is added to regular meals, read the label on the package. This will give an idea of what supplements are missing from the diet you choose. Add vegan protein powder to your regular diet, and enjoy the benefits.

The Importance of Good Mental Health

Just as our bodies need physical fitness to be healthy, in order to be satisfied and happy we need to have a healthy psyche. In order to live our lives to the fullest we need to be free of mental diseases like depression, anxiety and excessive stress. Peace of mind is something which we all crave and should be available for anyone looking to live a good quality of life.

There are times when a person might face mental trauma or any psychological issue which might cause them to e unhappy for a while. However, all people have an innate stress coping mechanism. It is only when the person I unable to handle the stress when things start going wrong. Sometimes it’s a phase which passes over and the person can again live a normal and happy life.

However, there are times when depression and anxiety become constant companions and the person is unable to emerge from the depths of their dark thoughts. This might cause them to start acting different. They might stop socialising, feel alone even when with friends and family and battle their depression alone. Suicidal thoughts become common too. If you know someone who might be suffering from anxiety and depression, make sure you get them immediate health from a good mental health doctor in Gold Coast.

The importance of good mental health cannot be stressed enough. There are several reasons to seek help for mental health in Gold Coast. Some of these include:

  • People with good mental health are healthier they have sound mind and a healthy body. This I why they are able to live a better quality of life.
  • Having good mental health requires the ability to deal with stress and anxiety in a positive manner. To understand that setbacks in life are normal and one should work hard to get rid of those despairing thoughts which can bring you down.
  • Also research has proved that people with proper mental health visit doctors a great deal less. They also tend to get sick less often. Their coping mechanism enables them to lead healthy and fruitful lives.
  • The right psychologist can help a person come to terms with their depression, suggesting therapies and changes in life style which can help improve their depression.

When choosing a therapist in Gold Coast to help with mental health issues, make sure you choose someone who is reliable and has the necessary experience of helping people suffering from anxiety and depression. While most people might think twice before seeking treatment, it shouldn’t be so. There is no stigma attached to seeking help for your depression. The major reason why most people don’t visit mental health physicians in Gold Coast is because they are afraid of how they would be perceived or judged. However this is something which shouldn’t be thought of ever. If you know someone suffering from mental health issues make sure you get them to seek help as soon as possible.

Finding the Perfect Wig

The beauty trend is hair styles which are stylish and over the top. However, not all of us are brave enough to try these hairstyles. So what do u do when you w ant a classy looking style but you aren’t brave enough to chop off your hair or dye it that beautiful blue shade which you admire? Simple, you go and get yourself a wig.

But you would say you hardly know anything about wigs or wigs are just for people who have lost their hair due to certain medical conditions. This is not the case. Celebrities keep changing their hair colour and hairstyles and most of them do it by wearing wigs. There should be no stigma attached to wigs. These are a great fashion statement and it all comes down to your own personal choice or taste.

The following tips would help you find the perfect wig for yourself.

Tips on finding the perfect wig

  • Get to know which size wig is perfect for you. You would be surprised to know that wigs come in particular sizes. For this you need to find the circumference of your head along your hairline till the back of your neck. You must remember these measurement when shopping for wigs. If you want to get a wig which fits perfectly and looks great too.
  • Wigs come in sizes ranging from petite to large. The two in between are small and medium. Your right size is determined through the measurements taken by the professionals at a wig shop or the hair salon.
  • You can choose from synthetic wigs as well as human hair wigs. As the name suggests synthetic wigs are made from materials which imitate the natural texture of the hair. Human hair wigs are pricier because they have a more natural look.
  • To cap or not to cap. Now this is a question which you are the only one who could answer. While using a cap can add a better look to your wig but there are certain people who prefer wearing a wig without the cap. So you could try it both ways and then choose whichever suits you best. This one comes down to a personal preference.
  • Choosing a wig also comes down as to why you want to wear a wig. Are you suffering from a medical condition and would like to wear a wig. You must choose one which is made of synthetic hair and has a lace front. This ads to the comfort because you obviously would be wearing the wig for a longer time. If you are choosing a wig for fashion purposes then you could make a few amends and even go for the synthetic ones.
  • Choose a wig according to the shape of your face. You can try on a different variety of styles and colours to choose which looks best on you. You can get help from the professionals at the wig shop.


Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Get Your Facts Right on Laser Hair Removal

What could be more convenient then ditching all the shaving and waxing for good and remaining stubble free for ages? This is the reason why laser hair removal is so popular. However, laser hair removal is a procedure which may not be for everyone. Get your fact on laser hair removal below.
Successful laser hair removal is often a result of quite a few meticulous sessions. It will be some time when you can actually see the results that you desire. This is why it’s important to have follow up sessions which are prescribed by your technician.

Are you the right candidate for laser hair removal?

The laser hair removal technique works best if you have light skin and dark coloured hair. However people who have dark skin or lighter hair have other options as well. There are specialised equipment which is used in case the skin colour is darker or the air is liger than required.
If someone with dark skin undergoes laser, they might develop dark patches o the skin. Laser would only work when they undergo treatment using specialised machines suited for their skin type.
When you book an appointment from a laser hair removal clinic in Sydney, you would be called for an initial consultation. The technician would assess your skin type and then suggest a treatment which is well suited for you.

How do laser treatments work?

Laser treatments compromises of pulses of light to break down the melanin (the dark pigment) in the hair. This is the main reason why lasers work well for people who have dark and coarse hair. However people with dark skin already have melanin in their skin and this is why they can find discolouration on their face if they undergo intense pulse therapy.
Hair grows in three phases which include the growth phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase. The majority of laser hair removal treatments are meant to target hair in the growth phase. Once the treatment is completed hair falls of in a week or two.
After the initial period when all the hair is shed, it is advised to use an exfoliating scrub o the skin in gentle and circular movements. The aesthetician would also suggest a few products which you need to use meticulously to get the most from the laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal just doesn’t work for facial hair but is great for removing hair from the back and the arms and legs as well. A treatment for removing hair from both legs would take only about two hours or so. There are definitely going to be follow up sessions but you can set those up at your convenience.

Around four to six sessions later you would notice an almost 80% reduction in hair growth. A maintenance treatment on a yearly basis is needed for a number of years to ensure that you remain hair free for good.

“Diet in August? Better than not”

Diet postponed to September. In August, it is better to renounce the balance anxiety: with the high temperatures, in fact, you lose less weight and the results of the sacrifices are reduced. Advising ‘holiday free from diets’ the nutritionist Ciro Dressed which reveals, however, a trick that – without much effort – to prevent the weight go out of control.

“We spend most of the calories – explains Adnkronos Health Vestita – to maintain our body at 36 degrees and a half.” In winter the body ‘wasted’ a lot to maintain the temperature, facilitating weight loss. In the summer, diets do not work so much, and it is no coincidence that many nutritionists and dieticians do not take part in this period. ” More useful then wait for the return from vacation for ‘good intentions’. Moreover, even psychologically, summer is a ‘moment of suspension’, in which habits often jump, and therefore badly adapted to the need to face dietary regimens in which regularity is an imperative.

At the table, then, “we can count on some foods that are break-hungry, tasty and effective, for example, watermelon A slice, even if big, between one meal and another certainly reduces appetite with very few calories. rich in water, contains very little fructose The most common sugar is xylitol which has a very low calorie content: a snack that can ‘fill’ without gaining weight “. Another low-calorie and tasty snack is “tomato juice, seasoned with lemon and pepper, for example, drunk before the meal reduces the sense of hunger”. The apples, too, which are starting to arrive now, are the most well known low-calorie break-starter, as well as peaches.

Moreover, with the heat it is almost natural to opt for some traditional “diet” dishes: “panzanella, better if made with wholemeal bread, preferably using the crust, the friselle, the salads”. For meat “you can opt for boiled meat: in boiling the meat degreases and loses more than 30% of the proteins, thus becoming a dietetic dish, if simply seasoned”. Another ‘natural’ help is the seasonal low-calorie vegetables.

“The courgettes are steamed and seasoned with oil, lemon and mint, they are very light even large portions, but even the aubergines have very few calories, as well as cucumbers that are very helpful for the bacterial flora and are also disinfectant and cicatrizant “. Better not to overdo it, given the high sugar content, however, with apricots, figs and, above all, with grapes “, concludes Vestita.

Health care in Italy and the Lea, the focus of Altroconsumo

What is the right to health care, who has the right to health care and how, what are the essential levels of care. Altroconsumo, the association for the protection and defense of consumers, explains in ‘Rights in health’ everything that should be known about health care in Italy. The objective of the ‘Rights in health’ project, born of the collaboration between Altroconsumo and Acu (Users Consumers Association) and financed by the Ministry of Economic Development, is to answer the most common health questions.

Here, in short, the main information useful to citizens, in the insights dedicated to the right to health care in our country:

– WHAT IS SANITARY ASSISTANCE? The national health system ensures access to services taking into account health needs; quality and appropriateness of care; the economy in the use of resources. In Italy – explain the experts of Altroconsumo – the government of the health system is exercised by the State and Regions: the state legislation is the determination of the essential levels of assistance (Lea), ie the services and services that must be guaranteed throughout the national territory ; regional legislation has the task of organizing and providing the above services and essential assistance for the protection of health.

– WHAT IS THE RIGHT TO HEALTHCARE? It means using health prevention and care services such as basic care, specialist care or hospitalization. The services available to the citizen are:

Basic care: family doctor or pediatrician; continuity of care: the right to access the treatment continuously, this means that when there is no primary care physician, the assistance must be guaranteed by a replacement doctor or by the continuity of care services (former medical guard); access to diagnostic services: the possibility of taking advantage of specialist visits, laboratory tests and diagnostic tests must be guaranteed; public and private accredited or affiliated: the choice between a public and a private structure to access the services must be free; hospital admission: the right to freely choose the hospital structure where to be admitted; right to information: the citizen must always be informed in an appropriate manner before being subjected to examinations and interventions; access to medicines: the right to receive medicines prescribed by doctors on the regional cookbook, sharing the expenditure through the payment of a contribution (ticket).

– HOW DO YOU APPLY TO THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE? The registration – observed by Altroconsumo – is mandatory for Italian and foreign citizens residing in Italy and in compliance with the residence permit. Children born in Italy must be registered with the Health Service and acquire the right to assistance. The registration with the Ssn guarantees the assistance of the general practitioner (family doctor) or of the pediatrician of free choice. Health care is guaranteed to all citizens (Italians and foreigners with the right) through a network of services (medical and pediatric assistance, pharmaceutical, outpatient specialist, hospital, home and public consultants). At the time of enrollment in the health service is released what was once the health card and today is the Regional Service Card (CRS), an electronic smart card. The Crs is in fact valid as: health card, European health insurance card (Team), social security number.

The following categories of people can register for the Ssn:

Italian citizens: residents in Italy, Italian pensioners living abroad, family members of a worker employed in Italy; citizens belonging to the European community: temporarily in Italy or residing in Italy; foreign nationals not belonging to countries with agreements: with a residence permit or without a residence permit.

– THE ESSENTIAL LEVELS OF ASSISTANCE (LEA): are the health services that the SSN is required to provide to all citizens, for free or against payment of a fee (ticket). The services included in the Lea – Altroconsumo points out – are identified on the basis of principles of effective care, effectiveness and appropriateness and represent the level of “essential” care guaranteed to all citizens. Regions will be able to use their own resources to provide additional services and services. The Lea, established by the State, are inspired by the binomial ‘effectiveness + solidarity’ and identify services considered essential and effective guaranteed to all, on three levels:

Collective health care in the living and working environment, which includes all prevention activities aimed at the community and individuals (protection from the effects of pollution, accident risks in the workplace, veterinary health, food protection, prophylaxis of infectious diseases, vaccinations and early diagnosis programs, forensic medicine); district assistance, that is to say the activities and health and social care services spread throughout the territory, from basic medicine to pharmaceutical assistance, from specialist and outpatient diagnostics to the supply of prostheses to the disabled, from home services to the elderly and the seriously ill to consultative territorial services (family counseling centers, mental health services, rehabilitation services for the disabled, etc.), semi-residential and residential structures (residences for the elderly and the disabled, day centers, family houses and therapeutic communities); hospital assistance, in the emergency room, in an ordinary hospitalization, in day hospital and day surgery, in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, and so on.

On January 12th, after 16 years, the essential levels of assistance have been updated by the Government. Many news: many interventions performed in hospitalization now become outpatient: you will pay a ticket, not previously provided by some Regions; the range of vaccines is extended; six new chronic diseases are introduced, including endometriosis and chronic kidney disease; some rare diseases go to chronic, for example celiac disease and Down syndrome; the list of rare diseases is updated with 110 new entries, many of which already in the regional lists; more technological performances are introduced, such as ingestible micro-camera enteroscopy and hadrontherapy; the nomenclator of the prostheses is updated: for example, digital hearing aids, computer aids to communicate, indoor stairlifts; the services concerning medically assisted procreation (homologous and heterologous) are provided as outpatient; new screening for newborns are introduced; performance for diagnosis and treatment of autism is updated.

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The problem is the organization that is in the hands of general and primary directors appointed by the same DGs who only want yesman. Selection should be made by merit. 
The second point are the results that are used. Performance indicators only, not clinical results. (Hb glycated in dialectics, body weight, pharmaceutical adhesion, etc.). 
The results of regional health management reward an efficiency that has nothing to do with effectiveness and even the newspapers fall into this trap. Reduced waiting lists but why ‘I gave more’ performance (maybe tested) or why ‘I qualified the assistance with better health results?

In short, more ‘merit, more’ indicators of health and not efficiency and contracts related to competence and not to memberships. 
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