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Aniracetam Usage & Dosage. Benefits and Side Effects

Hoffman La Roche is a popular Swiss based health – care Company founded in 1896. They are the known creators of Aniracetam which is part of the Racetam family. This supplement has been created in the 1970s and has been in the market since then. There are a lot of competitors but this is probably twice or thrice stronger than other brands. It is well – known to be less costly too. This medication has been proven to improve memory, focus, concentration, mood, anxiety, and depression. In addition, years of reliable research says that it also is effective in increasing perception and reflexes.

It also aids in fast learning and minimizes anxiety

Aniracetam is being distributed worldwide but is more popular in the United States and Europe. There are differences in prescription though. You can easily obtain these over – the – counter in the US however you need a prescription to buy it in Europe.

Aniracetam Usage and Dosage

How Is Aniracetam Taken?

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have good fats in your body. This is achievable through food or a fish oil supplement. If using a fish oil supplement, you need to take it at least 30 minutes before taking in Aniracetam. Since Aniracetam is a fat soluble pill, the ultimate absorption in the bloodstream is made sure by good fats. In addition, the pill should always be taken 15 – 20 minutes after eating something. Remember, it is not recommended for you to take this pill on an empty stomach.

What is the Right Dosage?

According to research, the ideally recommended dose is from 750 mg to 3000 mg per day. Since the effect is for about 2 hours only, it is best if you take it 3 times a day in equal time intervals. Aniracetam comes in both powder and capsule. Wherein the powder takes effect faster since it is absorbed in the system more easily, the capsule is just as effective and actually more convenient since you don’t get to taste the bitterness of the medication. It is also recommended to take it in with milk since it also enables the system to absorb it better.


What Are The Side Effects of Taking Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is more often than not taken with other supplements or medications and that is perfectly safe. Choline is a popular partner of Aniracetam although it is a lot more costly making this combination a lot pricier. The main reason why Choline is often needed is because it alleviates the headache caused by Aniracetam. This is a well – known side effect of the pill but generally it is safe. Another side effect will be the feeling of nausea. There is no need to be alarmed though, as the side effects lessen through the passing of time of taking the medication.

What Are the Other Advantages of Aniracetam?

This is definitely a motivator! Long term effects include motivation you to do more activities and literally any activity. This drug has been vouched for by both users and researchers to be effective, safe and no harmful side effects.

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