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Family & Pregnancy

Pregnancy Weight Gain: How Much to Gain and When

In the era we live in right now, physical appearance means a lot especially to women. Included in this matter is the body weight. Though not everyone likes to be slim, in general, most women do not wish to be fat. Personal health is sometimes disregarded as long as they get to obtain the bodies […]

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Conceiving After 35 – Diseases of Human Body

As social expectations have changed, more and more women are waiting until their mid-thirties to begin having children. For years we have been hearing about the increased risk to the mother as she ages, but it is also important to consider the fertility of the woman after the age of 35. 35 may not be […]

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Smoking During Pregnancy – One of The major Problems

One of the major public health problems is smoking. No matter how hard health organizations advertise on the negative effects of smoking, smokers seem to pay no attention. As a matter of fact, the age of people who starts to smoke gets younger and younger. If before, the problem lies on adults only, nowadays, teenagers […]

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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Im sure by now youve probably heard about all the foods to avoid during pregnancy, but in case you havent then its certainly my duty to share with you all of the information I know about this sensitive topic. Some of the common things that you should already realize is that you certainly dont want […]

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The Benefits of Performing Pregnancy Pilates

Considered as among the best forms of exercise for pregnant women, Pilates is an exercise regimen which helps pregnant mothers strengthen and tone their abdominal, back and pelvic muscles in a safe and healthy way. Many consider pregnancy Pilates the prime exercise option for a lot of reasons. Many of the exercises are done on […]

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Physiological Changes in Pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy women go through series of physiological changes which greatly vary from woman to woman as well as from the period of pregnancy which is commonly divided into three periods – the trimesters, each about three months. The early medical signs of pregnancy usually include missed menstruation period what is a […]

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