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Healthy Food

All About Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement as the name implies is something used as a substitute to real meals. It may be in the form of fluids, supplements or other types of pills as long as the nutritional content is the same or close to that of a real meal. A lot of people use meal replacements for various […]

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Best Lysine Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

Lysine is one type of amino acid known to be composed of protein mostly. This is considered to be a very important nutrient for humans as well as vertebrate animals. One important trivia about lysine is that the body is unable to produce it therefore it must be taken in through foods or supplements. In […]

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Real World Strategies for the Early Season Crossbow

Everyone wants to tag a buck during the first week of the season, but it’s not nearly as easy as TV hunters and many magazine authors would lead you to believe. Nonetheless, it’s doable with the right approach. A west wind blew with the fury of an impending storm on October 1, 2017. Several weeks […]

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Gummy Vitamins, Are They for Adults Too?

Gummy vitamins for adults? Seriously? Yes it might seem a little strange but gummy vitamins are not just for kids, they can also be for adults. Most probably, when you were young, you used to enjoy those gummy worms and gummy bears too. Yes, they are quite delicious and addictive really. It was actually the […]

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