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What are some essential kitchen cleaning and organization guidelines?

An important room to keep as clean and as organized as possible in your home is your kitchen. Your kitchen is the place wherein you prepare your meals and even eat your food. So you have got to make sure that it is spotless and organized. It would be an effective way to lead a healthier and happier home life if you just worked on getting a cleaner and neater kitchen area.

messy kitchenIf your kitchen is in disarray then you may end up not enjoying cooking at all. It can be harder to find ingredients, and you may not even like cooking in your kitchen space because everything is so disorganized. And if you have got a dirty kitchen then that could also affect your health. After all, your kitchen is where all of your food is prepared. And if your food is contaminated then that can end up making you sick if you eat it. It may be a smart move to organize and clean up your kitchen. And you can do that if you follow these very simple organization tips for your kitchen.

  1. Take note of when food is going to go bad

It is very crucial that you take a look at when food is going to expire. This can help you determine what to throw out and what to keep in your fridge.

Look for all of the food that is expired or close to expiring. You will need to throw all of the expired food away. And if you cannot use the food that is close to expiring, then you should consider throwing it away too. Expired food can make you sick if you eat it. Plus, it is just taking up valuable shelf space in your fridge or kitchen if you just leave it there too.

  • Organize food by expiry date

A neat trick to taking note of when food is going to expire is to sort it according to the expiry date. For example, you can store milk in one specific part of your fridge, along with other food that can expire fast. This will allow you to take note of when the food could go bad.

  1. Clean your fridge often

You probably just put all of your foodstuffs and leave it there without thinking about it, right? You may want to take out that stuff and give your fridge a good cleaning. This is because you can really ensure that food will stay fresher longer if you just have a spotless fridge on the inside and the outside.

  • Take out the shelves and give them a wash

You will need to actually wash your fridge’s shelves regularly. And you can do this by taking out each shelf by section and then thoroughly washing them with some dish soap. After rinsing them, leave them out to dry before you put them back in your fridge.

  • Shelf the food according to category

Aside from washing your fridge, you should also try and keep it organized too. Having a more organized fridge can help you make it stay cleaner for longer and also ensure that you do not end up forgetting about some food in the back corner of your fridge. You could try to put meat in one area and put all of the dairy products on the top shelf, etc. Organize according to your needs.

  1. Make use of drying rack

If you do not own a dishwasher, then you need to make use of a drying rack. Put a drying rack beside your sink for easier access. The drying rack can reduce the clutter in your kitchen sink area and the surrounding countertop as well. And it would also allow you to have a neater and cleaner way of doing the dishes.

  • Wash your drying rack too

Do not just leave your drying rack sitting there collecting dirt and gunk. It needs to be washed every so often as well. Not washing your drying rack can make it look grimy. So you may want to leave it under a faucet of hot water after you have run a cleaning cloth over it a few times.

  1. Organize your pantry

Having a more organized kitchen pantry can help you out a lot. It can relieve the headache of having to deal with a messy kitchen. And you would also no longer have a hard time finding the ingredients or utensils that you need.

  • Use bins or boxes

Purchase a few sturdy boxes or pull-out bins. These are a very quick and easy storage option for your kitchen stuff. For example, you could pile all the spice jars in one box so they are always within easy reach. And you can even label all of the boxes, which make them even easier to organize as well.

  • Keep heavier stuff at the bottom

You may want to store the heavier stuff on the bottom shelves of your kitchen. This can help prevent accidents wherein some kind of heavy item falls on your head. And it would also stop the heavier items, such as jars, from breaking if they do accidentally fall.

  1. Clean your kitchen

Always schedule a regular cleaning session for your kitchen. At the very least, you should clean it at least once a week. After all, your kitchen is one of the most used rooms, and it can end up getting dirty pretty quickly.

  • Easy cleaning hacks

You do not need to use expensive or harsh cleaning products for your kitchen. You can just replace those kinds of cleaning products using certain kinds of everyday home stuff. For example, baking soda, vinegar, and lemon mixed together can be a good sink cleaner. And you can even wash your kitchen countertops with that stuff in a punch. It is much cheaper than expensive cleaning products, plus it is also much safer to use as well.

  • Mop, sweep and wash

You should not also ignore the floor and countertops of your kitchen. Mopping and sweeping your floor can help you keep your kitchen clutter and dirt-free. And you should also consider running a washcloth over your countertops at least once a day. This is because crumbs and bits of food can get stuck in your kitchen countertops.

Reward yourself with a cookie

If you have done everything on this list and followed the guidelines, then congratulations! You have successfully cleaned and organized your kitchen properly. Why not treat yourself to something sweet like a cookie? You deserve it, after everything that you have done to your kitchen. And as long as you keep following the guidelines in this article, you should be way better off in the future when it comes to the cleanliness and neatness of your kitchen space!

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