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All About Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement as the name implies is something used as a substitute to real meals. It may be in the form of fluids, supplements or other types of pills as long as the nutritional content is the same or close to that of a real meal. A lot of people use meal replacements for various reason, some just don’t have the time to eat. However, for most they use it as a form of diet in losing weight or gaining weight.

Let’s talk about one kind of meal replacement, shakes, and specifically organic shakes. There are hundreds of shakes that exist in the market today so choosing one is tough especially of you are a newbie. Organic shake is actually a very good choice since it is guaranteed to be made of natural ingredients. You can be rest assured that there are no pesticides, petroleum or sewage based fertilizers and any other genetically modified organisms in it. The sources, most often are cows. These cows are raised especially and had not been treated with any hormones or antibiotics. Organic whey, casein, and other dairy protein which are the main ingredients of an organic protein shake come from these cows. In addition, unrefined sources usually contain higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

organic meal replacement shakes

Organic meal replacement shakes are readily available in the market. Do remember though that ready – to – drink or bottled protein shakes are not organic. They usually come in the form of powder. They are typically designed to serve as a meal replacement as well as a protein supplement. It usually is made of organic brown rice protein, brown rice sweetener, whole – grain and seed sprits. Some uses dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Some organic powders have bases from organic whey and casein from cows added to brown rice, hemp or soy proteins.

In choosing over – the – counter organic shakes, make sure to check on its nutritional contents. This is very important since your body needs proper nutrition to function properly. And besides, that is the whole point of having meal replacements for whatever reason you might have. Try to check on its flavor too, it is not a must but it is preferable for your shake to taste good. If it doesn’t,

You might not be so eager drinking it that you may miss it or skip it…

strawberry shake

On the other hand, organic meal replacement shakes can also be produced at home. Some may consider this healthier, but basically it depends on the contents. If you make your own, you need to calculate the nutrition facts per serving and you get to choose your own ingredients and flavors. For starters, you can use a protein – rich base like organic plain Greek yogurt, silken tofu, dairy or plant – based milk. To add some flavor, you may add unsweetened fruit. It could either be fresh or frozen, depending on your preference. The important thing is it also adds vitamins and minerals to the organic shake mixture.


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