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The Importance Of Treating Anxiety Attack

Treating an anxiety attack is important and should not be taken for granted. Many people who suffer from anxiety think that the issue will resolve itself and will not need any follow up. In some cases where anxiety does not occur often, this may be the case but in cases where attacks increase in frequency […]

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Physiological Changes in Pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy women go through series of physiological changes which greatly vary from woman to woman as well as from the period of pregnancy which is commonly divided into three periods – the trimesters, each about three months. The early medical signs of pregnancy usually include missed menstruation period what is a […]

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Self Reflection – Key To Goal Setting

Self Reflection: are you in search of your goal and destiny? Do you sometimes ask why you are here in this world or where you should move next? Are you searching for an answer and hoping the world wisdom will guide you in finding your dream and your calling? While I’m stating the fact (I’m […]

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