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The Alarmingly Rising Heart Disease Statistic in the USA

What is really alarming is that the leading cause of death in America is one of the easiest diseases that we can prevent. We dont even have to buy expensive medication or equipment. All it needs is a little discipline, devotion and self-control. Heart diseases can be prevented from happening by leaving a healthy lifestyle and keeping some vices like drinking into a moderation and stopping smoking.

Sadly though, this is not the case. Many people have chosen to ignore these necessary precautions and have lived a dangerous lifestyle. That is why the heart disease statistic of America is on a continual rise year after year. In one study done in the United States for the new millennia, statistics show that the leading heart diseases in America is Coronary Heart Disease or CHD, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure and Ischemic Heart Disease.

The Alarmingly Rising Heart Disease Statistic in the USA

Death rate estimates in overall Heart Disease Statistics for the leading heart diseases is approximately 1 in 375 Americans or 0.27% or 725,191 people in the USA. Statistics also show than women die more from heart diseases than from any type of cancer. Another grim Heart Disease Statistic is that a person in the United States dies from a heart disease every 34 seconds, which accounts to about 2,500 heart disease deaths every day.

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  • Every 20 seconds an American dies from a heart attack.
  • Almost seven million of people being hospitalized each year in the US is because of heart diseases.
  • For more than 100 consecutive years, except in 1918, cardiovascular diseases have been the leading cause of death.
  • These are grim facts, yet still facts and undeniably true. Taking care of your health now will keep you from being just another number in a Heart Disease Statistic.


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