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Weird Diseases Affecting the Eyes and Sense of Sight

When will you consider an illness as one of the weird diseases? In the United States, once a disease affects only a few people, less than 200,000 in count, it is in the rare diseases list. The National Institute of Health had listed approximately 7,000 weird diseases. A particular rare disease may affect only one or two individuals but considering the number of weird diseases, there is big possibility that on the totality, a lot of people are already suffering from any of the thousands of rarest diseases. The weird diseases are not categorized under any particular ailment.

The symptoms are noted but the medical professionals already raised their hands up in surrender to finding the cure. Although some patients survive, the effect is bad that you would think it better for your family member to perish than survive. Patients are very pitiful because of their physical and emotional trauma. It is not only the patient but people around the patient are more affected.

Here are some rare diseases that were found to be harmful

to the sense of sight

How would you feel when one of your loved ones is suffering from coat’s disease? This disease is more common among men, with a ratio of 3 men afflicted to 1 woman. The disease was named after Dr. George Coats who initiated finding the symptoms of the disease. These were identified as a form of exudative retinitis hitting infantile or juvenile males. There are retinal hemorrhages in the patient leading to a slow progression of the following eye ailments – cataract, glaucoma, cataract or atrophy. Actually, it is said that this eye disease can be cured at its early stage. That would be good however, since the disease is not detected early, the patient loses his chance of cure. It is hard to detect at the early stage and treatment could be futile if the condition had progressed to blindness or loss of vision. This is not hereditary and no found risk factors, except perhaps the gender of the child where males are more affected. The disease may occur in infants but are more pronounced at ages 6-9 years old but never to older geriatric patients.

Still one weird disease is the cat eye syndrome. This is considered to be in the rarest diseases list and is found to be a chromosomal disorder. The name of the disease – cat eye syndrome came from the ocular eye abnormality that is prominent in the patient. There is partial absence of ocular tissue in the iris, choroid and retina. The symptoms may vary in their severity wherein the manifestations may not be evident in some afflicted persons. Some patients may have growth delays, mental deficiency, malformations in the face and skull and problems in other organs such as liver, kidney, heart and anal area.

Here are some other signs of the cat eye syndrome

  • Eyelid folds are slanting down.
  • Eyes are widely spaced such as ocular hypertelorism.
  • Deformed ears with abnormal skin outgrowth
  • No anal canal
  • Congenital heart, kidney and skeletal problems Treatment of the cat eye syndrome is dependent on the severity of the problem and thus is made on a case to case basis.

You will also find hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome in the rare diseases list. The patient will experience early onset of cataracts because of high ferritin level in the blood plasma. The ferritin is a kind of iron protein. This classification of weird diseases is sort of genetic disorder and cataracts turn out to be the major complication. The mutation that occurs in the disease is hereditary as autosomal dominant trait. These are just three of the weird diseases that affect your eyes and vision. Although hard to cure, there is big percentage of survival. It may not cause blindness but it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor once you see any problem, big or small, in the vision of your loved one.

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