Losing weight and keeping it off is a never-ending battle for most people. Unhealthy eating habits have become the norm since the time fast-food became trendy.

While exercise can help to keep the pounds away, eating healthy is the way to keep them off for an entire lifetime. Healthy eating also brings extra health benefits that exercise cannot achieve on its own.

Can achieving your fittest and healthiest self become real with a nutritionist?

Seeking help from a nutritionist provide the smartest way of staying on the right track towards your weight loss goals. Here’s how nutritionists can help you lose and keep the pounds away.


Tell you to load up on fibre

Load up on plants for they are the best source of fibre. Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and bell peppers are packed rich with fibre. Their fibre content provides fullness until the next meal. Other than fibre, nutrients and vitamins are the things gained from fibre-rich vegetables.

Other best options to consider are plant-based whole foods such as seeds, fruits, nuts, beans, and whole grains. Eating any meal of the day can be boosted up with a sprinkling of ground flax, chia or hemp.


Tell you to stay away from diet pills and powders

The bulk of the diet should not be concentrated on pills and powders. While these diet pills and powders are derived from a portion of whole food, the process allows only a tablespoon at most. Eating a cup of cashews or broccoli is a better option than opting for diet pills and powders.

Tell you about portion servings

The past 40 years have seen the huge servings in meals and snacks. Noticeably becoming bigger are the cups and plates used to serve these foods. Studies have shown that since the 70s food portion sizes have ballooned to as much as 138%! Being mindful of portion servings is the best way to reach weight loss goals.

Tell you not to concentrate too much on calorie count

Concentrating too much on food measurement could be dangerous. It could make you think that foods having the same measurement also mean having the same amount of calories. It should be noted that a lot of low-calorie foods are packed full of sodium. Too much sodium intake also means water retention, making you feel bloated.

Encourage you to think positively

The motivation to lose weight is enhanced when you think positive thoughts about your new eating lifestyle. The dietitian will encourage you to focus more on the health benefits gained from a new eating habit rather than the loss of once-favourite unhealthy food choices.


Tell you to load up on water

Nothing is more essential to humans than water. The cells in the human body are regulated and maintain their tip-top shape when it is hydrated by water. Juice cleansing is not recommended. Making juices or other forms of detox drinks your drinking option will eventually result in mood swings and cravings. Sticking to water is the best way to hydrate and lose weight at the same time.

It will take more than a week to unravel the decades of bad and unhealthy eating habits. However, small diet changes can help to lower irritating symptoms such as fatigue and bloating. Let us help you change your eating lifestyle for the better. Contact nutritionist with Apple A Day Dietetics for professional advice and proper care.