Diet postponed to September. In August, it is better to renounce the balance anxiety: with the high temperatures, in fact, you lose less weight and the results of the sacrifices are reduced. Advising ‘holiday free from diets’ the nutritionist Ciro Dressed which reveals, however, a trick that – without much effort – to prevent the weight go out of control.

“We spend most of the calories – explains Adnkronos Health Vestita – to maintain our body at 36 degrees and a half.” In winter the body ‘wasted’ a lot to maintain the temperature, facilitating weight loss. In the summer, diets do not work so much, and it is no coincidence that many nutritionists and dieticians do not take part in this period. ” More useful then wait for the return from vacation for ‘good intentions’. Moreover, even psychologically, summer is a ‘moment of suspension’, in which habits often jump, and therefore badly adapted to the need to face dietary regimens in which regularity is an imperative.

At the table, then, “we can count on some foods that are break-hungry, tasty and effective, for example, watermelon A slice, even if big, between one meal and another certainly reduces appetite with very few calories. rich in water, contains very little fructose The most common sugar is xylitol which has a very low calorie content: a snack that can ‘fill’ without gaining weight “. Another low-calorie and tasty snack is “tomato juice, seasoned with lemon and pepper, for example, drunk before the meal reduces the sense of hunger”. The apples, too, which are starting to arrive now, are the most well known low-calorie break-starter, as well as peaches.

Moreover, with the heat it is almost natural to opt for some traditional “diet” dishes: “panzanella, better if made with wholemeal bread, preferably using the crust, the friselle, the salads”. For meat “you can opt for boiled meat: in boiling the meat degreases and loses more than 30% of the proteins, thus becoming a dietetic dish, if simply seasoned”. Another ‘natural’ help is the seasonal low-calorie vegetables.

“The courgettes are steamed and seasoned with oil, lemon and mint, they are very light even large portions, but even the aubergines have very few calories, as well as cucumbers that are very helpful for the bacterial flora and are also disinfectant and cicatrizant “. Better not to overdo it, given the high sugar content, however, with apricots, figs and, above all, with grapes “, concludes Vestita.