The beauty trend is hair styles which are stylish and over the top. However, not all of us are brave enough to try these hairstyles. So what do u do when you w ant a classy looking style but you aren’t brave enough to chop off your hair or dye it that beautiful blue shade which you admire? Simple, you go and get yourself a wig.

But you would say you hardly know anything about wigs or wigs are just for people who have lost their hair due to certain medical conditions. This is not the case. Celebrities keep changing their hair colour and hairstyles and most of them do it by wearing wigs. There should be no stigma attached to wigs. These are a great fashion statement and it all comes down to your own personal choice or taste.

The following tips would help you find the perfect wig for yourself.

Tips on finding the perfect wig

  • Get to know which size wig is perfect for you. You would be surprised to know that wigs come in particular sizes. For this you need to find the circumference of your head along your hairline till the back of your neck. You must remember these measurement when shopping for wigs. If you want to get a wig which fits perfectly and looks great too.
  • Wigs come in sizes ranging from petite to large. The two in between are small and medium. Your right size is determined through the measurements taken by the professionals at a wig shop or the hair salon.
  • You can choose from synthetic wigs as well as human hair wigs. As the name suggests synthetic wigs are made from materials which imitate the natural texture of the hair. Human hair wigs are pricier because they have a more natural look.
  • To cap or not to cap. Now this is a question which you are the only one who could answer. While using a cap can add a better look to your wig but there are certain people who prefer wearing a wig without the cap. So you could try it both ways and then choose whichever suits you best. This one comes down to a personal preference.
  • Choosing a wig also comes down as to why you want to wear a wig. Are you suffering from a medical condition and would like to wear a wig. You must choose one which is made of synthetic hair and has a lace front. This ads to the comfort because you obviously would be wearing the wig for a longer time. If you are choosing a wig for fashion purposes then you could make a few amends and even go for the synthetic ones.
  • Choose a wig according to the shape of your face. You can try on a different variety of styles and colours to choose which looks best on you. You can get help from the professionals at the wig shop.