Get Your Facts Right on Laser Hair Removal

What could be more convenient then ditching all the shaving and waxing for good and remaining stubble free for ages? This is the reason why laser hair removal is so popular. However, laser hair removal is a procedure which may not be for everyone. Get your fact on laser hair removal below.
Successful laser hair removal is often a result of quite a few meticulous sessions. It will be some time when you can actually see the results that you desire. This is why it’s important to have follow up sessions which are prescribed by your technician.

Are you the right candidate for laser hair removal?

The laser hair removal technique works best if you have light skin and dark coloured hair. However people who have dark skin or lighter hair have other options as well. There are specialised equipment which is used in case the skin colour is darker or the air is liger than required.
If someone with dark skin undergoes laser, they might develop dark patches o the skin. Laser would only work when they undergo treatment using specialised machines suited for their skin type.
When you book an appointment from a laser hair removal clinic in Sydney, you would be called for an initial consultation. The technician would assess your skin type and then suggest a treatment which is well suited for you.

How do laser treatments work?

Laser treatments compromises of pulses of light to break down the melanin (the dark pigment) in the hair. This is the main reason why lasers work well for people who have dark and coarse hair. However people with dark skin already have melanin in their skin and this is why they can find discolouration on their face if they undergo intense pulse therapy.
Hair grows in three phases which include the growth phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase. The majority of laser hair removal treatments are meant to target hair in the growth phase. Once the treatment is completed hair falls of in a week or two.
After the initial period when all the hair is shed, it is advised to use an exfoliating scrub o the skin in gentle and circular movements. The aesthetician would also suggest a few products which you need to use meticulously to get the most from the laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal just doesn’t work for facial hair but is great for removing hair from the back and the arms and legs as well. A treatment for removing hair from both legs would take only about two hours or so. There are definitely going to be follow up sessions but you can set those up at your convenience.

Around four to six sessions later you would notice an almost 80% reduction in hair growth. A maintenance treatment on a yearly basis is needed for a number of years to ensure that you remain hair free for good.