If you suffer from pain in the lower limbs or worried about the calluses and  bunions under your feet, visiting a podiatrist can be helpful for you. Podiatrist is a doctor who can treat injuries as well as complications which arise due to health issues like diabetes and can inhibit your ability to live quality life. They are also known as doctor of Podiatry.

However they do not attend traditional medical school. Instead they have their own schools and professional associations. Instead of the usual MD they have DPM, Doctor of podiatry medicine after their names.

They are able to perform surgeries, treat broken bones and prescribe medication and  analyze the actual problem with your feet. In order to work they have to obtain a license and are normally regulated by the state governments.

How can podiatry be helpful for you?

A podiatrist can help you with all of the following problems:

  • If you are suffering from any sort of fractures or a foot sprain, visiting your podiatrist can be beneficial for you. They have the skills and knowledge for treating athletes all individuals who are into sports and often suffer from sports related injuries. Not only do they offer treatment but also so give proper advice on the maintenance of injuries and ways of avoiding them all together.
  • Bunions and hammertoes can be quite painful. The cause of a bunion is usually a joint at the base of your toe which gets bigger when it is knocked out of place. It causes it to bend towards the other side. On the other hand a hammer toe does not bend the right way.
  • Any other nail disorders like fungal infections or ingrown toenails which are quite annoying and painful can also be treated with the help of the right kind of medication.
  • People who suffer from diabetes lack the hormone for making insulin or even if insulin is present it is not used the right way. Diabetes can cause damage to the nerve endings present in the lower limbs. Sometimes the problem is so deep that the blood vessels in the feet do not get enough blood which can cause serious complications for the feet. When ignored initially it can lead to a foot amputation however a visit to a podiatrist can help prevent such issues. If you or a loved one is suffering from diabetes you have to make sure that the pay proper attention to the health of their feet.
  • A podiatrist can also help people who suffer from arthritis. Arthritis can result in the inflammation and swelling of the joints. It is easy to be treated with the help of physical therapy and drugs. Plus the podiatrist might also suggest wearing special shoes or inserts to help deal with the pain of arthritis. However if the other options do not work surgery is often considered as the last resort.

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