One of the highest-demand services today concerns beauty. The growth of the beauty industry is nothing short of phenomenal. The high demand for beauty services ranges from non-invasive procedures such as spray-tans to basic facials to invasive body and skin treatments.

The great demand in the beauty industry has naturally created a proliferation of beauty businesses.

A career in beauty can be the right fit if you love everything about skin and hair, are sociable and are creative. The path towards this career can be straightforward when you opt to study to get a diploma of beauty therapy.

What are the skills, knowledge, and training you expect to gain from a beauty therapy course?

Spa or Beauty Salon Owner

A diploma of beauty therapy can put you on the right track to grow your own beauty business. The booming beauty industry shows no sign of waning, and owning a buzzing beauty salon is right on the mark.

Owning a beauty salon is the quickest way of establishing a client base. With an established client base, choosing to offer beauty services outside of regular hours is another great way of augmenting income.

Making the beauty salon a brisk business is in your hands. Levelling up is an option when the salon starts to earn its way. For instance, hiring a manager to run the business when you’re not around is not a far-fetched option when the salon is doing well.  It allows you financial freedom while accommodating the needs of your family as well.

Massage Therapist

The chance to get a relaxing body massage often plays a huge role in client demand. Being a massage therapist is one of the career paths offered by beauty courses.

Advancement in the massage field happens when you seek further training and education in various forms of massage. For instance, you could opt for specific types of massage such as remedial or reflexology massages or sports massages.

Whatever is the chosen option, a career as a massage therapist is the right fit when you love to meet new people and help them achieve better mental and physical wellbeing.

Beauty Therapist

A lucrative and satisfying career path is gained when you opt for the stand-alone course as a beauty therapist. The beauty therapist course covers a broad range of beauty training and education, including:

  • Make-up application
  • Skin waxing
  • Skin beautifying
  • A lot more

A diploma of beauty therapy is the quickest way to get hired right off and start working with clients and other specialists and therapists.


Hairdressing is the right career path for you if you love hair.  A hairdresser is one of the exciting careers in the beauty industry. The constant changes in hairstyles make hairdressing one of the fun and exciting career choices in the field of beauty.

Becoming a hairdresser offer you the chance of work flexibility. The career allows you to work regular hours in a salon with an option to do outside jobs after work. Investing in your own salon in the future becomes a possibility with your established client base.

Choosing a career as a beauty therapist is spot on in today’s setting. Looking beautiful at any age is no longer considered vanity but a must today. Contact us at Adelaide’s preferred school for a diploma of beauty therapy to learn more about our offered beauty courses.